Tilth Conference

Keynote Speakers

Don’t miss the chance to hear Brendon Rockey and Arti Chandra, MD, MPH, speak at the Tilth Conference with WORC.

Brendon Rockey

Brendon Rockey raises upwards of 25 varieties of certified seed and specialty fresh market potatoes in Center, CO. His creation of an ecosystem that encourages beneficial insects, soil microbes and carbon cycling works not only out in the field, but also inside his seed potato greenhouse. Commitment to a living system is what makes Rockey Farms different and able to provide its customers a high quality potato that is cultivated without chemicals.

Arti Chandra, MD, MPH

Dr. Arti Chandra is a family practice physician whose passion for Functional and Integrative Medicine is driven by her long-standing commitment to reduce the burden of disease and suffering and to improve health and vitality at a population health level by identifying root causes of symptoms and disease and restoring health through healing foods and supportive lifestyle measures.