About Us

Our Story & Priorities

Tilth Alliance works in community with Washington farmers, gardeners and eaters to build a sustainable, healthy and equitable food future.

It is clear that the next decade has to be about global pivotal change — the existential challenges we face today demand that of us. The way we produce and consume food will be an important driver of that change. The choices each of us make can either decrease or enhance biodiversity, contribute to or mitigate climate change, degrade or improve water resources, and exacerbate or address historic inequities.

Our Vision

At Tilth Alliance, we are working toward a better food future where:

  • The food we eat is produced using organic, regenerative and sustainable practices that nurture the environment.
  • Access to healthy, nutritious and affordable food is a right, not a privilege, for people in every corner of our state.
  • Farmers, food growers, and producers are valued, have advocates amplifying their voice and earn living wages that allow them to thrive.
  • Land for growing and harvesting food is available for all.
  • Soil and water health are considered a critical and shared responsibility. 
  • Diverse voices are equitably represented, proactively sought out, and respected throughout the food system. 
  • From the youngest age, we understand the value of food, the land, and the humans and non-humans who care for our soil, pollinate our crops, and nurture our ecosystems.
A farmer checks crops under a row cover

Our Priorities

To turn our vision into reality, we are committed to five strategic priorities that guide our work.

  • Advocate for progressive policies and programs that support the growth of organic, regenerative and sustainable agriculture.
  • Educate consumers on the benefits of and increase access to foods that are produced using organic, regenerative and sustainable growing practices.
  • Support farmers in adopting and utilizing organic, regenerative and sustainable growing practices.
  • Help build, support and participate in a collaborative community that is committed to a sustainable, healthy and equitable food future.
  • Act to dismantle systems encountered through our work that perpetuate inequities and/or serve to exclude or marginalize historically oppressed populations.

How We Work

A farmer holds a bunch of carrots

Advocacy, education and collaboration are the primary strategies in our work. Tilth Alliance uses farms, gardens and kitchens as classrooms where all people, from all backgrounds, can learn to grow, prepare and eat food in ways that are ecologically sound, economically viable and culturally appropriate. 

From influencing regional and national policy to hands-on programs centered in their immediate communities, partnership is at the core of everything we do. We value the people and organizations we work alongside, and together we make a difference. 

Volunteer support significantly extends and enriches our programs. We honor their commitment and celebrate their work. 

Equity, inclusion, and the cultivation of an anti-racist culture are important outcomes expected of all the work we do. We stand in solidarity with the First Peoples, past and present, of the land we work on and steward, including by paying Real Rent Duwamish.

Our History

Tilth Alliance was created in 2016 from the merger of Tilth Producers, Cascade Harvest Coalition and Seattle Tilth — three organizations with over 90 combined years of work contributing to Washington State’s local and sustainable food movement. We are inspired by, and continue to build on, that history.