Coalition for Organic and Regenerative Agriculture
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Coalition for Organic & Regenerative Agriculture

We’re bringing together farmers, organizations, and activists to advocate for policies, programs and resources that support broad adoption of organic, regenerative, and sustainable agricultural practices.

A farmer holds a bunch of carrots

About the Coalition for Organic & Regenerative Agriculture

The Coalition for Organic & Regenerative Agriculture (CORA) a powerful coalition of farmers, businesses, organizations, and activists advocating for progressive programs and policies in support of organic and regenerative agriculture in Washington State. Learn more about what they do.

Become a Member of CORA

Any individual, business, or organization who supports and endorses the mission, vision, and goals of CORA may become a member. As a member, you’ll provide input on CORA’s priorities, engage in advocacy work, nominate leadership, attend meetings and more.

Four farmers hold flats of plant starts

Take Action

Join us in advocating for organic and regenerative farming practices by supporting our initiatives, contacting your representatives and staying informed of our latest action alerts.