Coalition for Organic and Regenerative Agriculture
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Coalition for Organic & Regenerative Agriculture

We’re bringing together farmers, organizations, and activists to advocate for policies, programs and resources that support broad adoption of organic, regenerative, and sustainable agricultural practices.

CORA’s Mission

The Coalition for Organic & Regenerative Agriculture’s (CORA) mission is to support the broad adoption of regenerative, organic growing practices by producers and gardeners of all types at all scales throughout Washington State. CORA will advocate for public policies and programs that support research, educational opportunities, resources, and marketing and promotion. We are committed to promoting an equitable, just, anti-racist food system.

CORA’s Priorities

CORA advocates for public policies and programs that support:

  • Research to continue to explore, define, evaluate, and support the implementation of the most effective organic and regenerative practices.
  • Educational opportunities to provide producers and farm workers with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively engage in organic and regenerative agriculture.
  • Resources to help mitigate barriers to transitioning to organic and regenerative agriculture.
  • Marketing and promotion campaigns to encourage demand for organically and regenerative produced food.
  • Policies and programs at the state and national level that promote and support adoption of organic and regenerative practices.
  • Policies that promote an equitable, just, anti-racist food system and eliminate systems of oppression.

How CORA Works

As a a powerful coalition of farmers, businesses, organizations, and activists, CORA will serve as a strong voice advocating for organic and regenerative agriculture in Washington State and beyond. CORA is committed to creating an advocacy and policy platform that is a unifying force, bringing together the multiple interests represented within the organic and regenerative community. Learn more about how CORA will work by watching “Rebuilding the WA Organic Voice: Coalition for Organic and Regenerative Agriculture” from Tilth Conference 2021.

Get Involved

Individuals, businesses, and organizations that support the mission, vision, and goals of CORA are invited to join us as we build the coalition. Please provide your contact information below and we will reach out about getting involved.

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