Coalition for Organic and Regenerative Agriculture
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Coalition for Organic & Regenerative Agriculture

We’re bringing together farmers, organizations, and activists to advocate for policies, programs and resources that support broad adoption of organic, regenerative, and sustainable agricultural practices.

The Coalition for Organic & Regenerative Agriculture (CORA) a powerful coalition of farmers, businesses, organizations, and activists advocating for progressive programs and policies in support of organic and regenerative agriculture in Washington state.

What Does CORA Do?

CORA is a unifying force, bringing together the multiple interests represented within the organic and regenerative community. CORA serves as a strong voice for this community, assertively advocating for policies and programs that are inclusive of all represented interests and that promote equity, inclusion, diversity, and anti-racism.

CORA advocates for:

  • Research that explores, defines, evaluates, and supports the implementation of the most effective organic and regenerative practices.
  • Educational opportunities that provide producers, farm workers, agencies and service providers with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively engage in and support organic and regenerative agriculture.
  • Resources to help mitigate barriers to transitioning to organic and regenerative agriculture.
  • Marketing and promotion campaigns to encourage demand for organically and regeneratively produced food.
  • Policies and programs at the Washington state and national level that promote and support adoption of organic and regenerative practices.
  • Policies and practices that advance equity, inclusion, diversity, and anti-racism within the organic/regenerative community.

Why Is CORA’s Work Important?

Broad adoption of organic and regenerative practices across all types and scales of agriculture in Washington State and beyond will deliver multiple and substantial benefits, including:

  • Improved soil health
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Enhanced ecosystem biodiversity
  • Production of high quality, nutrient-dense food
  • Improved water and air quality
  • Reduced use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides

Who Are CORA Members?

Any individual, business, or organization who supports and endorses the mission, vision, and goals of CORA may become a member. Members may include growers, livestock producers, processors, distributors, handlers, retailers, original (indigenous) land stewards, farm workers, farm input suppliers (seed, fertilizer, compost, etc.), food access organizations, consumer interest organizations, and conservation or environmental organizations.

The CORA organization is housed within Tilth Alliance with its own governance and membership. A member of Tilth Alliance is not necessarily a member of CORA and vice-versa.