Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands - Aerial Photo

Urban Farms & Gardens

Tilth Alliance manages several community learning gardens in and around Seattle — including the city’s largest urban farm! We use these gardens, fields, farms and kitchens to provide hands-on educational experiences where people can get their hands in the dirt and shift their understanding of how food is grown.


Get your garden growing! We offer a variety of classes on topics like vegetable gardening, food preservation and cooking, permaculture, and urban livestock, with an emphasis on experiential learning. Stumped by a tricky gardening issue or just want to learn more about growing sustainably? The Garden Hotline is available to answer your gardening questions.

Good Shepherd Center Community Learning Garden
Farmers in the field during a Farm Walk

WA Farming & Agriculture

We’re working towards a food culture that places the highest value on organic, regenerative and sustainable farmers and farming — one that promotes a farming industry full of opportunity, possibility and prosperity. To support Washington’s farming community, we offer peer-to-peer education opportunities, an annual Tilth Conference, funding resources, advocacy and more.

Youth & Families

Youth and families from all over the city come to our farm and gardens to develop nourishing connections with their community and learn about the natural world. We use our senses to experience the seasons, tend and harvest crops, taste and learn from plants, cook up delicious dishes in the kitchen, meet worms and pollinators, make art and more.

Soil & Water Stewards work in the garden at McAuliffe Park

Environmental Stewardship

A healthy environment is the foundation for growing healthy food. Tilth Alliance manages two sustainability training and outreach programs that provide in-depth education to prepare volunteers to go out into their communities to help their friends, neighbors and the public conserve natural resources.

Food & Nutrition

We believe everyone deserves healthy, nutritious food. Our food access programs help make food from local gardens and farms affordable and available to the community. Our cooking and nutrition programs empower people with the tools they need to eat well every day — by sharing cooking skills, nutrition knowledge and food traditions.

Close-up of a person's knife chopping ingredients
Bee in flower

Online Resources

Our library of online resources contains hundreds of articles, guides and tips to help you on your organic gardening journey. Covering topics like keeping city chickens, making your own compost, gardening with kids and sustainable landscaping, the information here has been vetted by Tilth Alliance’s team of gardeners and educators. Dig in and start learning!