Vertical Gardening - Trellis
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Think Up and Over With Vertical Gardening

Maximize your garden potential by growing up and over. Decide what plant you want to grow vertically, and build a structure that will be suitable to its weight or particular behavior. Kiwis require a substantial trellis or chain link fence as well as regular pruning to keep them in check. Note: you need both a female and a male kiwi in order to get fruit, so your structure needs to be able to support two plants. Grapes also need adequate trellising and pruning for increased fruit production.  

We usually think to trellis perennial vines, but don’t forget about sending your annual vegetables up and away. Besides pole beans, there are varieties of cucumbers, squashes, and even pumpkins that don’t need to hog your garden real estate. 

Instead of stuffing your gangly, indeterminate tomatoes into cages, you can build a fence on which they can climb. Tie strings to the top of the fence, and, with minor management, your tomatoes will wind themselves up.  

Trellises can also be attached to the back of wooden worm bins, put in containers, or used to add height to a fence. Arbors can provide a welcoming entrance as well as shade. Add edibles and you now have structures that serve multiple functions.