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Support Senate Bill 6278 to Promote Organic Agriculture

The Coalition for Organic & Regenerative Agriculture (CORA) has been working hard in Olympia, and we now have a Senate Bill in support of organic agriculture: Senate Bill 6278. The bill is going to be heard this Thursday, January 25, by the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources subcommittee. This is great news!

SB 6278 directs Washington State Dept. of Agriculture to develop an:  

  • Organic and Regenerative Agriculture Task Force,  
  • Organic Action Plan, and an  
  • Organic Inspection Credit.

Take Action!

We’re hoping every organic/regenerative farmer and producer in the state – as well as every possible organic eater – will sign on as “PRO!” before the hearing this Thursday. It takes just a minute and every PRO sign in will make a difference.  

Once you have signed on as PRO, please share this message with your friends, family and farmer networks to help move this bill forward.

Some of the Bill’s Highlights

  • “…The legislature finds that development of an organic agriculture action plan is needed to increase the amount of organic and regenerative agricultural practices in the state.”  
  • “…The department of agriculture must, in consultation with the organic and regenerative agriculture task force, develop an organic agriculture action plan to serve as a guide to leverage organic and regenerative agriculture to address economic, social, and environmental challenges, create opportunities for farmers wishing to transition to organic farming, increase resiliency in agricultural methods, and build a robust regional food system.”  
  • “…(under WSDA) The director may adopt rules establishing a program for certifying producers, processors, and handlers as meeting state, national, or international standards for organic or transitional products.”  

Again, click here to sign on. The first question is where you’ll state your position. The rest is just name and address. Don’t forget to click “submit” at the bottom of the form!  

Also, if you are in the district of one of the bill sponsors, please send them a quick thank you! They will appreciate hearing from you. You can find your Senator here. Enter your street address (all fields are required) to find your legislative or congressional district. Click to view a statewide district map.

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