Environmental Stewardship

Master Composter/Sustainability Stewards

Learn about composting, soil, sorting compostables and recyclables, reducing waste and improving water quality, then take action in your community.

The Master Composter/Sustainability Steward program is part of the Sustainable Yard and Home Education program, managed by Tilth Alliance in partnership with Seattle Public Utilities to support Seattle’s waste reduction and recycling efforts.

In 1986, we began training volunteers to teach others about composting. Today, we help city residents with a wide range of activities including building worm bins, recycling food and yard waste at their homes, preventing and reducing waste, building healthy urban soils, and support thriving landscapes throughout the city.

We have shared our model with other organizations in the U.S. who have created similar programs. Today there are more than 500 Master Composter training programs in North America and abroad.

Join Us!

If you love composting and resource conservation and you’re interested in public education and outreach, apply to become a Master Composter/Sustainability Steward! Receive in-depth compost and waste prevention education with a team of diverse Seattle residents, then share your valuable knowledge and experience with the wider community.

Invite Us to Your Event

Our Master Composter/Sustainability Stewards are a diverse, knowledgeable and friendly bunch that would love to teach you everything you could ever want to know about composting, organic waste management, waste prevention and building healthy soil. Here are some of our common outreach services:

  • Hands-on Clinics & Demonstrations: We can show you how to compost or lead your group in starting a worm bin, green cone or compost pile. Sites might include: P-Patches, classrooms, gardens, and private residences.
  • Informational Tables: We can bring information sheets, a table top worm bin, soil samples and a friendly educator to answer questions. Sites might include: farmers markets, festivals, grocery stores and community events.
  • Lectures & Presentations: We can talk all day about compost, soil, reducing pollution and waste, and easy steps you can take at home and in your community. Sites might include: schools, civic organizations, work places and garden clubs.
  • Waste Management Leadership: We will provide assistance at your event to help people sort their waste and recycling before it gets tossed. Sites might include: festivals, concerts, events and parties.

We are happy to tailor our educational outreach to best meet the needs of your group and all of our outreach is completely free!

Contact Us

To request the services of Master Composter/Sustainability Stewards, contact us at MCSS@tilthalliance.org or (206) 633-0097.

Soil & Water Stewards work in the garden at McAuliffe Park

Live Outside of Seattle?

The Master Composter/Sustainability Stewards training is for residents of Seattle. If you live outside of Seattle and are interested in participating in a similar program, check out the Soil & Water Stewardship training! The Soil & Water Stewardship program is open to King County residents, with preference given to Rainier Beach and South King County residents.