The Biochar Handbook

The Biochar Handbook: A Practical Guide to Making and Using Bioactivated Charcoal by Kelpie Wilson



With extensive research, real-world examples, and hands-on applications, this go-to guide offers a comprehensive look at the principles and practices of biochar—and all of its world-changing uses.

Like many human discoveries, biochar has likely been invented, lost, and reinvented multiple times. It can be found in the rich terra preta soils of the Amazon and in the ancient “dark earths” dotting Africa, Asia, and Europe. However, biochar isn’t just an archeological curiosity. In The Biochar Handbook, author Kelpie Wilson argues that the simple process of burning organic material in a low-oxygen, low-emission environment could be one of the most powerful tools we have to restore degraded soils and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

In accessible and authoritative prose, Wilson demonstrates that biochar is a low-tech but effective means of reducing wildfire risks, restoring soil carbon, managing manure, weaning farms off of toxic inputs, and producing the best compost ever made.

In this book, you’ll also find:

A pocket history of biochar
Step-by-step instructions on making biochar for yourself
Applications for soil water retention, pest deterrence, compost enhancement, and more
Inspiring examples of ecosystem restoration and improved forest management
Low-cost recipes, including Cultured Biochar and Sustainable Potting Soil

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