Through on-farm tours and a podcast series, farmers learn about organic, regenerative, and sustainable production practices and viable business strategies from fellow farmers across Washington.

Since 2004, Tilth Alliance and Washington State University have worked collaboratively to organize on-farm, farmer-to-farmer and farmer-to-consumer educational opportunities. Farm Walks are hosted by organic, sustainable, regenerative and innovative Washington State farm and food businesses who are interested in sharing their hard-earned expertise with the current and next generation of sustainable producers.  Each Farm Walk highlights one producer who provides a tour of their farm or business. The tour is accompanied by agricultural and food system professionals and WSU Extension Specialists who share information on the latest research and available resources.

Farm Walks Podcast

The very same farmer-to-farmer and farmer-to-consumer educational experiences offered through in-person Farm Walks are now available as hour-long, in-depth interviews. Available wherever you stream your favorite shows — always on Apple, Spotify and the Farm Walks website.

Farm Walks are collaboratively organized by Tilth Alliance and Washington State University.

Upcoming Farm Walks

There are no upcoming Farm Walks at this time.