Eat Local First is the go-to source for finding local farms and farmers markets, identifying restaurants, grocers, and food businesses that purchase from local food producers in Washington State.

Why Eat Local?

Baby Chavs - Tacoma - Rylea Foehl
Baby Chavs, Tacoma (Rylea Foehl)

At its heart, eating local means choosing and celebrating the best flavors of our many regions in Washington State. When we change what we eat, we change things for the better. Local food offers the best nutrition, produces less waste, and supports sustainable agriculture and local economies. Eating local nourishes our families and the communities we love.

  • Treat your tastebuds: Seasonal, sustainably raised and caught food is more ripe, flavorful and carefully harvested than its far-traveled and off-season counterparts. Eating local means one of a kind meals.
  • Enjoy good health: Fresh and whole foods are a powerful way to keep you and your family healthy. Local farmers care about the families they are feeding and have a deep sense of responsibility to keep their food safe. Eating local first means putting the health of your family first!
  • Support local businesses and economies: Dollars spent on local food circulate repeatedly throughout our food system and in our local economy, supporting local farmers and food businesses, and creating local jobs. Nourish the community you love.
  • Save our farmland: Washington State is home to some of the richest farmland in the world, and by supporting local farms you help family farms thrive. Our farms are part of what make Washington such a beautiful (and flavorful!) place to live.

We define “local” as food that is grown, caught, raised or made in Washington State. More importantly, we think “local” should signify an area where you could feasibly “know your farmer.” We have an abundance of food available in our state, and “local” food is more than just measuring miles — it’s getting to know farmers, fisherman and food producers that are part of our communities. Additionally, “local” refers to food and other agricultural products (for example, wool or flowers) that are grown or produced, processed, and then sold.

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Washington Food & Farm Finder

The demand from consumers for local farm-fresh products has never been greater. Launched in 2020, Eat Local First is a digital platform featuring the WA Food & Farm Finder, a comprehensive, mobile-friendly searchable database connecting consumers with local farms, farmers markets, restaurants, grocers, wholesale produce and local food resources throughout Washington State.

Mariposa Farm

Join the WA Food & Farm Finder

Are you a local producer selling direct to consumer or wholesale? Eat Local First is committed to serving all communities throughout Washington State, and promoting businesses and producers doing their best to operate sustainably, and equitably on behalf of people, the planet, and profit. Create a listing on the WA Food & Farm Finder!

Eat Local First Collaborative

Over the years, consumers and farmers alike have been asking for an easy-to-use online portal to connect farmers and eaters in Washington State, and meet the demand for locally grown food. Formed in 2020, the Eat Local First Collaborative is a collective of food system organizations working together to facilitate connections between consumers and farm and food businesses statewide. In November, 2020 the Collaborative launched the Eat Local First platform and the Washington Food & Farm Finder tool.

Members include The Local Food Trust, Pierce County Fresh, Sustainable Connections, Tilth Alliance, Washington State University Food Systems, and Washington State University Regional Small Farms Program with anticipated future participation from additional partners.