Compost Bin
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Check on Your Compost Bins for Maximum Production!

August is a great time to check your compost bin for maximum efficiency in turning your decomposing organic material into rich dark compost!

  • If the contents appear dry, add some water and/or a nitrogen source (coffee grounds, grass clippings).
  • Turn the pile to aerate it. This activates bacteria that will help in the decomposition process.
  • Look for signs of rodents, either chewing on the bin or their droppings. Rats are attracted to the heat and any food you include. To keep rats from your compost bin don’t add food waste. Use a separate system for your food waste like a food digester or worm bin. A pile that is not turned often and has a large amount of dry, woody material can also make a good home for rodents. Keep the pile moist to discourage nesting.  
  • If you find all your bins are full at this time of year, start a new one!