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A Fool for Rhubarb

Here’s a great article about spring rhubarb from the Mixed Greens blog.
What can I say? She’s a babe. Eight weeks ago rhubarb lay dormant in her own leafy compost, today with hot pink stalks and abundant crinkly leaves ablaze, she struts her stuff. These first leafings are positively iridescent in their exuberance. (Don’t even think about eating them!) Enough for a small bowl of sauce.
The backyard scene is brimming with adolescent attitude. Lilacs on the brink, daffodils almost done now, and aromatic evergreen Clematis in full array. Small lettuce starts in the back row are growing like weeds, peas planted two weeks ago are just barely peaking out, surrounded optimistically by sturdy poles for their climbing, garlic and the leeks’. green leaves become more robust every day, chives have been around for weeks now, sorrel has come into its own, plenty of dandelions too, and in the far corner by herself, rhubarb. More…