Your Farm in the City

Your Farm in the City: An Urban Dweller’s Guide to Growing Food and Raising Animals, by Lisa Taylor

“Your Farm in the City : An Urban Dweller’s Guide to Growing Food and Raising Animals” is the all-in-one compendium of everything you need to know to start growing your own food and raising city-friendly livestock.


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Written for city and suburban dwellers who may have little experience and/or space, the book covers all topics relevant to urban agriculture throughout the United States and beyond.


  • The best, easiest-to-grow, high-yield fruits and vegetables
  • Breeds of chickens, goats, and rabbits that thrive in small spaces
  • The thrill of creating compost from food scraps and dozens of hungry Red Wigglers
  • Organic gardening techniques (including outwitting urban pests without poisons)
  • Preparing and preserving fresh food from your garden
  • Innovative organization profiles from across America that have changed the face of urban farming
  • Additional information particular to gardening in city or suburban areas includes planning and maximizing limited spaces, building healthy soil, managing irrigation, winter gardening, gardening with kids, extending the harvest, dealing with toxins in your soil and being a considerate farming neighbor.

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