Tiny Victory Gardens

Tiny Victory Gardens: Growing Food Without a Yard. By Acadia Tucker



Climate activist and farmer Acadia Tucker fell in love with container gardening after glimpsing its potential to produce food—lots of food. By applying select growing practices, and managing for square inches rather than square feet, she has come up with instructions for growing a small-scale farm on your patio, your stoop, or in your dining room. If what you want is a garden big enough to line a windowsill, she’s got you covered there.

Her book, loaded with helpful illustrations, includes:

  • Profiles of 21 container-friendly crops
  • Recipes for cultivating potted farms
  • Tips on finding the right container
  • Information on designing for small spaces—and making food gardens beautiful
  • Guidance on how to raise crops in pots all year long

Tucker also describes how to maximize the environmental impact of growing food in pots. She offers tips on attracting pollinators, shows how to build microbe-rich living soil, and explains ways to ditch harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Her goal is to make it easier for anyone with access to a patch of sun to grow food, no backyard required.

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