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Farmer & Advocate of the Year

Nominate someone from your community to be recognized as the Farmer or Advocate of the Year at this year’s Tilth Conference!

Every year at the Tilth Conference, we award a Farmer of the Year and Advocate of the Year. The awards are nominated by members of the agricultural community and given to individuals who have had a profound impact on Washington State’s food system and on agriculture statewide. The Farmer of the Year is a farmer or farm who exhibits outstanding or innovative efforts in the field, and the Advocate of the Year is an individual who has made a significant contribution to the sustainability of organic and regenerative farming.

Please submit your nominations by Saturday, October 1.

Criteria for Farmer of the Year include:

  • Innovations in organic farming and/or livestock management, including: crops and crop rotations; weed, pest and disease management; production strategies; or the development of value-added products and marketing.   
  • Excellence in enhancing farm resources: soil, water, wildlife and biodiversity.   
  • Attention to building and preserving soil fertility and tilth.  
  • Inspiration and/or education of organic farmers, consumers and/or others in the organic community.  
  • Adherence to organic and/or sustainable farming practices. Nominee does not need to be certified organic or carry other third-party reviewed certifications.  
  • Active in local and/or wider community.  

Criteria for Advocate of the Year include:

  • Significant contributions to organic, regenerative, and sustainable agriculture.   
  • Significant contributions to the success of WA farmers.   
  • Has helped develop the WA farming community through education, policy, research or other.  
  • Inspiration and/or education of organic farmers, consumers and/or others in the organic community.  
  • Statewide impact. 

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