Join us in advocating for organic and regenerative farming practices by supporting our initiatives, contacting your representatives and staying informed of our latest action alerts.

CORA’s Mission & Advocacy Priorities

The mission of the Coalition for Organic and Regenerative Agriculture (CORA) is to support the broad adoption of regenerative, organic growing practices by producers and gardeners of all types at all scales throughout the State of Washington. CORA will advocate for public policies and programs that support:​

  • Funding the development of an Organic Action Plan for Washington would lay out organic agriculture benefits and would also lay the foundation for increased state investment in the Washington organic sector.
  • Increasing investments in organic research in Washington State on the benefits and carbon impact of implementing organic practices, the true cost of conventional agriculture, and funding to share research.
  • Growing the market for organic in Washington State to add organic products. This would include funding for a consumer education campaign promoting food.
  • Defining organic as climate smart as a policy and regulatory standard. Statewide cost share to assist with the cost of adopting climate smart and organic practices.
  • Funds to help farmers transition to organic, which would replace lost income during the 3 year transition period to certification.
  • General support for organic, which includes an investment in organic infrastructure for commodity and specialty crops, as well as a grant fund for (small to mid-size) farmers who can substantially improve the sustainability of their organic operations with a relatively small investment (Washington State Organic and Sustainable Farming Fund).

Legislative Successes

Read about CORA’s legislative successes on our blog.

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Action Alerts

We’ll actively notify our community of opportunities to contribute to our advocacy efforts by issuing action alerts. Check out our latest action alerts listed below.

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Interested in looking at previous testimony given on specific bills? You can view past public testimony on bills here.