Find answers to some frequently asked questions about our Comprehensive Organic Gardening course.

How much gardening experience do I need for this course?

  • No experience is necessary to participate in this course.
  • The class sessions are geared towards both beginning gardeners and people with some experience. We will be reviewing foundational information and going in-depth into various gardening topics.

How many people will be in class?

  • This class is limited to 20 people total. We will gather for portions of class as a larger group and break out into two groups of 10 throughout the class. You will be in those smaller groups during most of the in-person Saturday sessions.

Will classes be held indoors or outdoors?

  • Friday classes will take place primarily indoors and Saturday sessions will be held primarily outdoors, rain or shine.

Do I need to wear a mask and/or keep physical distance?

  • We are planning to continue following all current public health guidelines. While we plan to give one another physical space throughout our in-person sessions, there may be activities that involve working outdoors in close proximity to others – you may choose to wear a mask for these situations.

What if I need to miss a class?

  • Class sessions cannot be made up. We hope that you can make it to each one! If you do need to miss a session, you will have access to all of the class materials, and we encourage folks to connect with classmates.

What if there is wildfire smoke or extreme heat during the in-person weekend?

  • Class may be canceled and rescheduled due to extreme heat or other weather-related events, or unforeseen instructor illness. We plan to use the AirNow, Air Quality Index (AQI) resource for updates about local air quality. You will be notified via email of any changes and updates.

Is this class offered at any other times during the year?

  • This course is offered twice a year, typically scheduled in the Spring around April and in the Fall around September.

Accessibility notes for the Learning Garden at the Good Shepherd Center in North Seattle:

  • The pathways in the garden are primarily wood chips, and the pathways around the garden are a mix of crushed gravel, bricks and concrete..
  • The park is located in an area that has some hills, but the pathways in the park are fairly level, some with a gentle slope.
  • There is a large concrete parking lot located to the east of the Good Shepherd Center building and you can access it from Sunnyside Ave N. There is also street parking available, usually within a couple of blocks of the park.
  • The garden beds at this location are in-ground and can be accessed by bending or sitting.
  • There are a few benches in the garden gathering area where folks can sit. We also welcome people to bring their own chairs/seats/stools.
  • There are both gender neutral bathrooms and gendered bathroom options inside the Good Shepherd Center building, and gendered restrooms inside Meridian Playfield.
  • There is access to city water in the garden. We encourage folks to bring drinking water, tea/coffee, and/or snacks with you.