Brendon Rockey

Brendon Rockey raises upwards of 25 varieties of certified seed and specialty fresh market potatoes in Center, Colorado. Across 500 irrigated acres in the high desert, companion crops, animals, cover crops and flowers replace synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. These management decisions have resulted in sustained yields and improved water efficiency for over a decade. Brendon’s creation of an ecosystem that encourages beneficial insects, soil microbes and carbon cycling works not only out in the field, but also inside his seed potato greenhouse. Commitment to a living system is what makes Rockey Farms different and able to provide its customers a high quality potato that is cultivated without chemicals.

Learn about Brendon’s biotic approach and why it is founded on carbon cycling and diversity. In his presentation, he will explain how synthetic inputs and the absence of life break a farm system. In turn, he will illustrate how a biotic approach heals and establishes a foundation to strengthen a farm’s overall health. He will demonstrate how he implements biotic tools and resources to successfully grow a quality seed crop in a place where seed and commercial production must coexist. Brendon will also share his economic mindset and explore the nuances of growing clean, certified seed potatoes.