Ana C. Galvis Martinez

For over 20 years Ana Galvis has witnessed, studied, worked and been part of the collective building of the food justice and food sovereignty movement in Mexico, Colombia, and the U.S. Ana is originally from Colombia, single-mother of a young man, and immigrant to the U.S. She has extensive experience facilitating communication between cultures and languages as technical interpreter and teaching sustainable agriculture to people of different socio-cultural backgrounds, ages, and genders in the academic and the non-profit sector. In 2022, Ana became a farmer in Jefferson County, WA, taken over a recognized historic Japanese Farm, the Kawamoto Farm, now Kawamoto-Wipala. There, Ana divides her time working for the Organic Seed Alliance, and contributing as she can to the cooling of the planet by implementing sustainable practices and giving devote care to the goats, chickens, bees, cats, dogs and gardens that give her the teachings, love and experiences that she needs to constantly improve as a human being and teacher.