Opportunities to Produce Organic Seed on Farm: A Strategy to Diversify Markets and Increase Resilience

  • Date: Friday, Oct. 27
  • Time: 2-3:15 p.m.
  • Speakers: Micaela Colley, Organic Seed Alliance; Ana C. Galvis Martinez, Organic Seed Alliance; Nelida Martinez, Pure Nelida Farm
  • Location: Bldg. 202, Room 5
  • Track: Track E

This workshop will be delivered in English and Spanish.

Growing seed on farm can improve your farm’s economic and environmental resilience, but requires knowledge of the crop production, processing, and markets unique to seed. Benefits include the opportunity to diversify your crops, preserve culturally significant varieties, increase your farm’s preparedness to climate change, and reduce reliance on external sources for this critical farm input. Growing certified organic seed also offers a prime local, regional and national market opportunities, but requires an understanding of the handling and certification process.

Producción de semillas orgánicas: Una estrategia para aumentar la resiliencia

Situaciones como los efectos del cambio climático y la pandemia han traído inestabilidad y escases al suministro de semillas, haciendo muy evidente la necesidad de promover un suministro estable de semillas orgánicas que promueva la conservación y regeneración de nuestros recursos naturales y que contribuya al fortalecimiento de economías saludables locales en nuestro pais. ¿Qué pueden hacer los agricultores y agricultoras para disminuir su vulnerabilidad a la escases de semillas? Es posible que una de las respuesta sea aprender a cultivar, seleccionar, cosechar, procesar y almacenar semillas orgánicas. En este taller hablaremos de esto. Te esperamos!

About the Speakers

  • Micaela Colley

    Organic Seed Alliance

    Micaela Colley leads Organic Seed Alliance’s collaborative research and education programs focused on cultivating seed skills, sharing seed knowledge, and collaborating on participatory plant breeding projects. She works to foster resilient, community seed systems regionally, nationally and internationally. Micaela advises on the EU project LiveSeed and holds a PhD in organic and participatory plant breeding.

  • Ana C. Galvis Martinez

    Organic Seed Alliance

    For over 20 years Ana Galvis has witnessed, studied, worked and been part of the collective building of the food justice and food sovereignty movement in Mexico, Colombia, and the U.S. Ana is originally from Colombia, single-mother of a young man, and immigrant to the U.S. She has extensive experience facilitating communication between cultures and languages as technical interpreter and teaching sustainable agriculture to people of different socio-cultural backgrounds, ages, and genders in the academic and the non-profit sector. In 2022, Ana became a farmer in Jefferson County, WA, taken over a recognized historic Japanese Farm, the Kawamoto Farm, now Kawamoto-Wipala. There, Ana divides her time working for the Organic Seed Alliance, and contributing as she can to the cooling of the planet by implementing sustainable practices and giving devote care to the goats, chickens, bees, cats, dogs and gardens that give her the teachings, love and experiences that she needs to constantly improve as a human being and teacher.

  • Nelida Martinez

    Pure Nelida Farm

    Nelida learned to cultivate fruits and vegetables 30 years ago in the fields of California. For many years, she and her family worked and lived under the hot sun and amongst the pesticides. Then, Nelida moved to Washington, where she learned organic practices and gained experience growing 100% organic products that you can enjoy with total confidence. Pure Nelida produce is grown with the utmost honesty, effort, and skill unique to Nelida.

    Pure Nelida Organic Produce is an independent business that uses agricultural practices that are free of pesticides. Its products are fresh and certified organic from the state of Washington, and come directly from the fields of Skagit county to your table, ready to be fully enjoyed for their nutricious, fresh, and Pure Nelida flavor.

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