Culturally Accessible Food Safety Training: Methods and Applications

  • Date: Saturday, Oct. 28
  • Time: 10:30-11:45 a.m.
  • Speaker: Melinda Bratsch-Horsager, Quamash Coalition of Northeast Washington
  • Location: Bldg. 202, Room 4
  • Track: Track D

Food and Produce Safety training is required by many federal, state, and local programs to control and protect foodstuffs from pathogens and otherwise harmful adulterants. However, many food safety training participants come away confused by the highly technical language provided in food safety class sessions, and many participants who do not have a technical or scientific background express that they have received an incomplete education. Culturally accessible food safety training through storytelling and demonstrated techniques or principles are new methods of delivering food safety training. In this session, the new techniques of narrative scaffolding and on hands experience are explained and demonstrated.

About the Speaker

  • Melinda Bratsch-Horsager

    Quamash Coalition of Northeast Washington

    The Quamash Coalition of Northeast Washington (QCNW), established officially in 2022, is a coalition of non-profits invested in research and farm-based businesses. This organization is comprised of farmers and food system workers dedicated to localizing the production, management, and distribution of food in Washington State. QCNW is sponsored by Lilith Moon Farm Agricultural Organization, a non-profit corporation dedicated to the success of small farmers across Washington State through research and education.