Biochar Use in Compost

  • Date: Friday, Oct. 27
  • Time: 9:30-10:45 a.m.
  • Speakers: Doug Collins, WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center and Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources; David Bill, Midnight Farms; Jack Hoeck, Rexius Forest By Products
  • Location: Bldg. 204, Downstairs North Wing
  • Track: Track F

Co-Composting with Biochar: Research, Farmer, and Industry Perspectives

Doug and David will discuss a recent research project done at Midnight Farms examining the efficacy of incorporating biochar into the on-farm compost system.

Co-Composting Biochar and Greenwaste

Jack will discuss how and why Rexius mixes biochar with greenwaste to create a premium compost product.

About the Speakers

  • Doug Collins

    WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center and Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources

    Doug Collins is an Extension Professor and Soil Scientist with WSU’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources. Doug has a Ph.D. in soil science from Washington State University and an M.S. in Plant Pathology from Montana State University. He focuses on managing and monitoring soil fertility on diverse organic vegetable farms, composting systems, and evaluating soil quality in different vegetable cropping systems – including organic reduced tillage. Doug is also interested in soil variability across landscapes and biological indicators of soil quality. He has also consulted on composting, organic waste management, and soil health in the Dominican Republic and Colombia and currently serves on the Board of Washington Organics Recycling Council and the WSDA Organic Program.

  • David Bill

    Midnight Farms

    David Bill owns and operates Midnight’s Farm on Lopez Island in Washington State. They raise beef cattle, have an intensive no till market garden and San Juan County’s only Washington Department of Ecology approved community compost facility. The compost facility has public drop off of wood and yard debris and produces roughly 1000 yards of compost and 2000-3000 yds of wood chips per year. They are passionate about soil health, good food and climate action. This is the second SARE funded compost research project they have worked on.

  • Jack Hoeck

    Rexius Forest By Products

    Jack Hoeck, Vice President of Environmental Services for Rexius, has been with the company for 42 years. He has spent most of that time overseeing the company’s soil and mulch production as well as the bagging facility. He was instrumental in developing the company’s yard debris recycling centers in the early 90s and has over 30 years’ experience in the production of compost from a wide variety feedstocks. Jack has worked with the City of Eugene to create the “Love Food Not Waste” program that provides opportunities to compost food waste from commercial businesses and is currently working with their Residential Food Waste Program where residents add food scraps to their yard debris carts. He is a member of the US Composting Council and has served on the Board of Directors, holding positions of President, Vice President and on the Executive Committee.