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Sprout into Spring: March Edible Plant Sale Signals the Start of Gardening Season

Explore a Bounty of Organic Plants, Supplies and Gardening Wisdom at Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands

As the gardening community eagerly anticipates the arrival of spring, Tilth Alliance is thrilled to invite you to our March Edible Plant Sale, kickstarting the gardening season for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

This vibrant affair will showcase a diverse array of organically and sustainably grown spring edible plant starts, ranging from delectable vegetables and herbs to luscious fruits and edible flowers. Join us on Saturday, March 16; 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands (5513 S. Cloverdale St, Seattle 98118).

Dig Into the World of Sustainable Gardening

Recognized for its commitment to sustainable urban agriculture education, Tilth Alliance invites attendees to immerse themselves in a wealth of gardening knowledge. Gardening tips will be readily available, and experienced educators will be on hand to answer your questions, facilitating informed plant selections and providing helpful gardening insights. Additionally, an assortment of organic gardening supplies, including books, tools, mason bee accessories, flower seeds from our farm, and a handful of our favorite local pantry items will be available for purchase from our Farm Stand at Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands.

What Sets Our Plants Apart?

The plants featured at the March Edible Plant Sale are locally grown using organic and sustainable practices. All proceeds from the sale will contribute to Tilth Alliance’s innovative educational initiatives in gardening, farming, food, and environmental programs. Check out the list of plants we’ve ordered.

Gardeners can look forward to:

  • Beginner-friendly options like lettuce, greens, and peas.
  • Beloved staples such as collards, kale, Swiss chard, and strawberries.
  • A selection of seven onion varieties, perfectly suited for spring planting to maximize leafy growth before bulb formation during the long summer days.
  • Heirloom treasures for seasoned gardeners, including Red Express cabbage, Ole Timey Blues collards, Walla Walla onions, and Bulls Blood beet.
  • Northwest bred treasures like Outredgeous and Flashy Butter Oak lettuce (Wild Garden Seed) and Oregon Giant snow pea (OSU)
  • Irresistible highlights for foodies, including edible flowers, purple scallions, Romanesco cauliflower, and a plethora of culinary herbs.
  • Pollinator-friendly plants to bolster ecosystem health.

Get Involved!

The March Edible Plant Sale unfolds at Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands, a unique 10-acre urban community farm nestled in the heart of the Rainier Beach neighborhood. Community members are encouraged to actively participate in making this event a resounding success:

  • Volunteer: Join over 150 community members in lending a hand while enjoying snacks and camaraderie. Sign up for a shift today!
  • Support Education Programs: Add a donation at checkout or contribute online to bolster Tilth Alliance’s educational endeavors. Make a gift.
  • Join the Conversation: Engage with us on our Facebook event and help spread the word. Join the Facebook event.

Event Details: