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Magic Seed Stars

by Lisa Taylor, children’s education program manager
Hey parents! Here’s a fun planting project with surprising results that your kids will LOVE. Plant a star in the garden and watch it grow. Like magic but better because it’s real and you can eat the results!
Cool weather crops such as arugula, mustard, oats, rye, barley or wheat (or cover crop seed mixes) are easy to sprout during spring in the Northwest.

1. Cut out newspaper stars that are about five inches across.
2. Using slightly diluted white glue and a small craft brush, put thin dots of glue along the sides of your star.
3. Now place a seed or two in each dot. After the glue has dried you are ready to plant!
Find a bare patch of soil in the garden and sprinkle it lightly with water. Now lay your seed star on the soil. Sprinkle with more water so that the newspaper is thoroughly saturated. Cover with a thin layer of good soil or compost. Water a bit more. Whisper a few words of encouragement to the seeds in your star (important). Sprinkle with water each day unless it rains. Then wait.
With any luck the seeds will sprout in two or three weeks and your own magic star will grow.
Good luck and have fun!